Peep Show

By: Miss Jeannie

I am the proud parent of 3 of those 10 tiny chicks. I saw them at a week old when they were fuzzy balls of down. The foster parents who are also my partners in chicken crime are doing a wonderful job caring for these sweet gals, they even have names!

I saw them again over 4th of July weekend (two weeks old) and they had doubled in size and had their wing feathers. The one that is called “big bird” got to be held for a few seconds until she decided she wasnt having any of that. She did keep coming back so I think she liked the petting a little bit. I cant tell you how thrilled I am to have these funny little critters. They all have there own personalities like any other pet.  I have never raised chickens so I think I have my work cutout for me. I have raised kittens, how different could it possibly be?

I guess the biggest difference is they will be in a coop outside and will be laying eggs. I really need to teach my cats to do something other than sleep!

Off to Portland in one week to the Tour de Coop! looking forward to finding the right home for my babies.

Small chicken coop

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