The Chicks Are Here!!

This morning at 8am the phone rang and it was the Post Office telling my wife and I that our chicks were awaiting us. My wife called into to her office and told them that she was going to be late. Now you have to understand that my wife never misses work, but this morning it was like she was giving birth and I had to rush her to the hospital. Go pickup our chicks she said, and I will get everything ready; cardboard box, check, wood shavings, check, chick food, check, water, check, heat lamp, check; well hurry the contractions are only 1 minute apart. Anyway, I rushed to the Post Office and of course they don’t open until 9am, so I have to come back and say honey the Post Office doesn’t open until 9am and it’s only 8:15am. Well, I’ve conceded that for the next few weeks that I’m going to be getting a lot phone calls from my wife asking how the chicks are doing. But, I’m happy our chicks are here and I look forward to some fun times and funny stories of the $35.00 eggs that I’ll be getting in a few months.