Dixie Pals

Sizemore Documentary Underway

On February 19th, Backyard Green Films was fortunate enough to film the Herschel and Joyce Sizemore Benefit Concert in Roanoke, Virginia. Director Rick Bowman, DP Bill Perrine, and Second Cameraman Lacy Stinnett captured over 20 hours of footage from the show, as well as numerous interviews backstage.

Associate Producer and Events Coordinator Mike Conner provided our crew with unlimited access to the event, and also was able arrange many contacts for us to interview for the week after the show. We hope to have the film ready to premiere at this year’s IMBA awards show this Fall. Please stay tuned as we keep you updated on the progress, and post clips from the film.

Also, check out the Bluegrass Today online magazine for an article about the event.