Flashback to 2014 – ‘Almost Hear The Blues’

I had a few moments of downtime recently to shuffle through some of the incredible projects that Backyard Green Films and Lethal Sounds have been blessed to be a part of. Sure enough, I came across ‘Almost Hear The Blues’, a cover tune that was included on the James Reams and The Barnstormers’  2014 bluegrass album release, “One Foot In The Honky Tonk”. We worked on the video production with Mountain Redbird Music.

Photo courtesy of Youtube
Photo courtesy of Youtube

‘Almost Hear The Blues’ is filled with anecdotes of regret that are interwoven with descriptives of the isolation and loneliness the songwriter feels – night winds and coyotes … rain pouring down … “The rumble of the river flowing by my cabin door; I could swear I heard it tell me son she won’t be back no more.”

James Reams and the Barnstormers captured the essence of the ‘Almost Hear The Blues’, and delivered a soulful and nostalgic rendition of Stonewall Jackson’s original song. In July of 2014 I shared my thoughts in a post I wrote for our blog:

“As he has consistently done, within this new volume James Reams’ life experiences and those of his ancestors permeate the songs — whether he wrote them or not — not just lending them authenticity but ensuring they are authentic. There are few bluegrass singers who match the lithe and masculine timbre Reams brings to the songs he is called to perform.”

What a treat it was to reminisce on our 2014 collaboration with James Reams and Mountain Redbird Music. Take a few minutes and enjoy the video. “Listen close and you can almost hear the blues …”

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