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Located in San Diego, CA, with projects that span the globe.

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Lethal Sounds

Location Sound and Soundtrack Mixing

San Diego-based Lethal Sounds provides superior, multi-award winning audio to enhance films acoustically while adding sensory dimension. We pride ourselves in collaboring with each filmmaker from project conception throughout the entire filming and post production process. Specializing in Independent film projects, we travel to each filming location to provide sound for Features, Documentaries and Commercials, then make our way back to our award-winnng studio in San Diego to design, compose and mix each soundtrack.

Complete Animation Sound Services

Over the past few decades the popularity of animation has grown in traditional entertainmet, education and commercial projects. Lethal Sounds also provides a complete repetoire of animation services including voice actors, sound design and music for any project from shorts to animated series to video games. We are extremely proud to have worked with so many great artists over the years, providing them with exceptional audio for their individual projects.

Audio for Educational, Corporate and Military Purposes

Lethal Sounds also provides quality audio for educational companies, specializing in casting, voice-over artists, and recording. We proudly deliver top-level sound files on time and on budget. From Preschool to K6, Middle School to High School, College, Corporate, Web-based productions, and Military Training purposes, Lethal Sounds has you covered!

Lethal Sounds

Contact: Rick Bowman

Phone: 619.379.4418

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