Meanwhile Back on the Farm …

Backyard Green Films filming in CO

The Backyard Green Films crew has been flyin’ the friendly skies and hittin’ the highway these past months. Elara and Rick spent many Indian Summer days … and weeks in Colorado last summer and early fall, where we conducted interviews and collected film footage for our upcoming documentary on heritage breed animals. Oh, and we thoroughly enjoyed Colorado’s infamous fall colors as well as the sheer, breathtaking beauty of the Great Sand Dunes and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks.

Elwood Quinn of Rare Breeds Canada
Elara Bowman interview with Elwood Quinn of Rare Breeds Canada at the Livestock Conservancy National Conference

We also spent a few crisp November days in Amherst, MA. at The Livestock Conservancy’s National Conference, where we interviewed even more incredible people who are doing amazing and innovative genetic and conservation work with heritage breed livestock.

Rick and Elara at Lola Farms

And after spending our holidays with family and friends, Rick and Elara trekked back to the east coast in January. Thankfully, after a long and wet delay at San Diego’s airport, we made it to the sunshine state. Florida’s Suwannee Horse Ranch and Lola Farms opened their arms and their operations, and provided us with fantastic footage and interviews.

Through our work and connections, we’ve discovered that this is such a kindred group of people and personalities, and we feel very lucky to count them as our friends!

Dr. Harvey Blackburn
Elara Bowman of Backyard Green Films and Dr. Harvey Blackburn of the USDA Animal Research Service

With many thanks to the farmers, scientists and dedicated people who’ve contributed, this heritage breed documentary promises to be a compelling look at the vital importance of sustainabiity, conservation and preservation.

Backyard Green Films at Suwannee Farms and Lola Farms

In the meantime, you’ve gotta admit that the ‘adorable’ factor on some of our unknowing subjects is, well, pretty damn high …

Please stay tuned here and on our social media channels – we’ll keep you posted of our progress on our Heritage Breed project and others, including our work on “When The Witches Came to Town”, a documentary on 1986’s “The Witches of Eastwick” which is scheduled for release later this year.

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