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Rick Bowman

Rick Bowman, Backyard Green Films

An experienced and innovative filmmaker, Backyard Green Films owner and Director/Producer, Rick Bowman has catalogued over 30 years of broadcast, commercial, and corporate video experience. Rick combines skillful expertise and artistic vision to create top quality projects for clients, and has learned by experience, that each project requires a special approach and solution to meet its goals. Rick has directed five films and produced nine others. He is a graduate of The College for Recording Arts in San Francisco, CA. 

Rick also owns a recording studio, Lethal Sounds, Inc. His efforts and expertise in sound design have earned him Cindy, Telly and Omni Awards, and credits on several feature films including “On Bloody Sunday”, Shoot the Hero,” “Selfie Shootout,” and “Inoperable.”


“The Holstein Dilemma”
2021: Accolade Global Film Competition, Award of Recognition

“American Milking Devon-Past & Present”
2020: Accolade Global Film Competition, Award of Merit

“Banjos, Bluegrass & Squirrel Barkers”
2017: Mindfield Film Festival LA Gold Award, Documentary
2017: Goddess Nike Gold Movie Award, Documentary

“Hillsville 1912-A Shooting In The Court”
2012: IndieFEST Film Award
2011: Accolade Global Film Competition Award

Elara Bowman

Elara loves to find new ideas, new life and new civilizations to learn about – especially if they involve other species. She’s a bookkeeper and tax preparer by day, backyard chicken keeper and dirt farmer on the weekends, and a researcher and mad travel fan somewhere in between. She found more than one love of her life when she met Rick, as their shared passion for adventure makes life a never-boring and never-ending journey. Since her job as the resident interviewer for Backyard Green Films media projects gives full permission to talk to interesting people about just about everything in life, capturing it on film and bringing it to others has been a gift and a joy.

Elara is also host of the agri-Culture Podcast, a weekly podcast series featuring compelling conversations with a diverse list of guests. The mission of the agri-Culture Podcast is to share the stories, dedication, and wisdom of America’s stewards of sustainable agriculture who’ve followed their own ‘call of the land.’ Find episodes on this website under the agri-Culture Podcast tab, or on your favorite podcast streaming app.